GigaBanana The Best ~NORISHIO Aji~

Track list for GigaP and Orebanana’s “best of” album was recently released! Track list for their Vocaloid version should be exactly the same, but with Vocaloids (mainly Rin and Len) as the vocals instead of utaite. The jacket art for both the Vocaloid version (by △○□×)  and Utattemita version (by Tama) are also different.

Releases 7/24! Both are priced at 2,300 yen!

  1. Electric・Angel (Nanahira/Reol)
  2. Tetrodotoxin Synthesizer No. 2 (Reol)
  3. Yi Er Fanclub (96neko/Soraru)
  4. Pink Stick Luv (Nanahira)
  5. MarImo -Super Full ver.- (Soraru)
  6. Gigantic O.T.N (Soraru)
  7. Netgame Haijin Sprechchor (kradness)
  8. Higaimouzou Keitai Joshi (Wara) (Wotamin)
  9. Masked bitcH (Guriri)
  10. Karakuri Pierrot (96neko)
  11. Silent Elegy (96neko)
  12. Shiryoku Kensa (Rib)
  13. Rokuchounen to Ichiya Monogatari (Guriri)
  14. Ryuusen Prism (kradness/Reol)
  15. Hetakuso Utopia Seisaku (Wotamin)
  16. cLick cRack (Nanahira/Reol/Soraru/kradness/96neko)


Lyalya is 99% tail and 1% cat


things i want to draw:

  • fanart
  • my ocs

things i cant draw:

  • fanart
  • my own fuckin ocs


when one of your friends is sad just go to their house and do this


HBO War Meme | Nince Characters: Joseph Liebgott


gurlfronz chilling


gurlfronz chilling


Check out this mix on @8tracks: At the end of the world, or the last thing I see, you are never coming home. by PecioChan.

(Source: tothless)

(Source: tothless)

Favourite Movies [in no order]:
● Wolf Children 2012: “
He told me to keep smiling through tough or painful times, even if I had to force myself to do it. Because I’d probably be able to get through them if I did.”